All-Ukrainian Wolf Conference


On November 17-18, 2016 with the assistance of ASG the 1st All-Ukrainian Conference devoted to Wolf lubricants was held at "George" Hotel in Lviv. During two days of the event, the participants learned about the history of the company and key facts about Wolf brand, and got acquainted with the range of products for cars and trucks, for agricultural machinery, and other special oils and liquids of the manufacturer. In a separate block, it was presented a marketing strategy of Wolf, which helps to promote brand Wolf on the market. Over 100 partners and ASG representatives from all over Ukraine participated in the Conference. Dimitar Dimitrov, responsible for the Ukrainian market in Wolf Oil Corporation, and Tim Bekelandt, regional manager of the company, gave their presentations to the audience. Not only they managed to get the participants acquainted with Wolf products, but also talked about the latest developments of the Belgian lubricants producer, and market changes associated with the shrinkage of the engines and the introduction of new specifications on automotive market. Also, the participants were very satisfied with such surprises as evening sightseeing tours in historic Lviv, delicious food and entertainment. All participants have gained a lot of new knowledge, become more aware about Wolf products and received a lot of vivid impressions from interesting places of Leo city.