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YUASA promotion

YUASA promotion from ASG continues! 

YUASA promotion - Snack Pack

Purchase any YUASA MOTO - batteries at once for the amount of $ 200 - get a YUASA Snack Pack as a gift!

REPSOL Reward Program

Purchase REPSOL oils, generate bonuses from each purchase and exchange them for gifts from REPSOL rewards catalogue


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Wolf promotion

Purchase 205L Wolf Vitaltech 10w40 and get 20L canister as a gift!   

Wolf promotion

Purchase 60л WOLF VITALTECH 5W40 and get 5L canister as a gift!

REPSOL promotion

We are pleased to announce a promotion from REPSOL

NEW PRODUCT - MOL Emolin 504

A new product appeared in MOL metalworking fluids range - biostable metalworking fluid MOL Emolin 504

Wolf promotion

Purchase WOLF OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C4 4L or 5L and get filter ELH4391 MECAFILTER as a gift!

NEW PRODUCT - MOL Dynamic Moto 4T HP 10W-40

A new product appeared in MOL motor oils range - synthetic motor oil for four-stroke motorcycles MOL DYNAMIC GOLD DX 5W-20

New brand Quick Brake

Portfolio of ASG expands with a new brand - Quick Brake

Wolf promotion

Purchase 205L WOLF GUARDTECH 10W40 B4 and get 20L canister as a gift!

TAB promotion

For every purchased battery from the TAB corporation (TAB, Topla, VESNA, Taxxon) - get 30L of fuel as a gift!

AutoPart promotion

For every 10 purchased batteries of Polish manufacturer AutoPart - get 20L of fuel as a gift!

Wolf promotion continues!

Purchase 205л WOLF VITALTECH 10W40 and get 20L canister as a gift!

Comline promotion continues!

Make a purchase in the amount of $ 100 and get a comfortable rug as a gift!

NEW PRODUCT - MOL Formoil Asphalt

A new product appeared in MOL lubricants range - MOL Formoil Asphalt