MOL Dynamic Garden 4T 30/40


The sun is shining, nature is waking up, time to prepare your garden for the coming of spring! MOL Dynamic Garden 4T 30/40 product will take care about your gardening equipment. MOL Dynamic Garden 4T 30/40 high-quality motor oil for four-stroke engines of garden equipment. It is used for engines of lawn mowers, garden tractors, cultivator, baking powder, power generators, etc. The product is fully meet the requirements of Briggs & Stratton and Tecumseh specifications.

Application area:

  • Four-stroke engines of small garden equipment and generators


  • Exceptional thermal and oxidative stability
  • High performance level
  • Thanks to excellent shear stability, product sustains its lubricity during longtime

Specifications and Approvals:

  • API SJ / CF

Wish you sunny weather and spring mood!