MOL Hydro HME 46 - new approval ARBURG


As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end injection moulding machines for plastic industry. MOL Hydro HME 46 is a high-quality hydraulic oil which is used in hydraulic systems operating under severe conditions. Product performance substantially exceeding ISO HM requirements for hydraulic systems operating under severe conditions.
Application area:

  • Hydraulic systems operating at high pressures and under heavy operating conditions
  • Industrial equipment operating at low temperatures (pumps, servo systems)
  • Circulation systems
  • Hydraulic systems of machine-tools
  • Hydraulic systems of machines used in the plastics industry
  • Turbo-, screw and vane compressors
  • Hydraulic systems of earthmoving and forestry machines


  • Excellent wear protection
  • Excellent thermal and hydrolitic stability
  • Excellent filterability
  • Rapid air release
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Excellent water separation

Specifications and Approvals:
ARBURG;   Danieli 0.597666.C;  Bosch Rexroth Fluid Rating List RDE 90245; ENGEL; 
Cincinnati Lamb P-70 (Fives Cincinnati) ; Parker Denison HF-0;  Parker Denison HF-1/HF-2;
ISO 11158 HM; ISO-L-HM; DIN 51524-2 (HLP) ; DIN 51506 VDL; Eaton (Vickers) I-286-S
Eaton (Vickers) M-2950-S; General Motors LS2 LH-04-1-00;  SAE MS1004 Type HM;
AIST (US Steel) 127; AIST (US Steel) 126; AFNOR NF-E-48603 (HM)