New product - MOL Emolin 505


MOL Emolin 505 it is a universal water-miscible semi-synthetic metalworking fluid, which have an outstanding biological stability. Product contains boron, corrosion inhibitor, friction modifiers and antiwear additives. Product has excellent biological stability.

  • Forming and chipless machining of steel, alloys, light and yellow metals
  • Various cutting technologies (turning, drilling, thread machining, etc.)
  • High performance heavy-duty chip forming machining
  • Chip forming machining of spheroidal graphite and grey cast iron


  • Excellent surface quality and high manufacturing precision
  • Excellent stability against microbial infection
  • Corrosion protection
  • Excellent lubricity
  • Extremely low foaming tendency
  • Forms a stable emulsion even in hard water
  • Excellent washing properties

Specifications and approvals:

  • ISO 6743-7: L-MAF
  • TRGS 611