AUTOPART is the enterprise related with motorization market from the 1982 year. AUTOPART is a producer and distributor of high quality lead-acid starter batteries of capacity range from 36Ah to 230Ah, voltage of either 6V or 12V. Our batteries are destined for all types of automobile vehicles, buses, tractors and other agricultural machines. In our offer we also have batteries for motorcycles, Japanese cars and electrically-powered vehicles.

25-years’ experience acquired in battery branch is a capital which has gained confidence of many clients and leading firms of motorization market that install AUTOPART batteries in their factory equipment.

What makes AUTOPART batteries distinguishable on the market is the fact that AUTOPART, as the only Polish factory, has applied a special production technology. Lead oxide, being a main ingredient of battery paste, is produced by pulverization method based on BARTON system. This method is mosty applied in the countries of North America and Far East, where approximately 75% of battery worldwide production is carried out. The features of this technology are easiness and sensitivity of process control, which brings about to obtaining a product of required parameters and keeping its quality at constant level. The lead particles generated during the process are stable in dimensions, which enables production of battery active mass of uniform characteristics. That guarantees production of batteries of high capacity.

Control over recurrence in production processes and assuring quality of used materials gives a warranty of high product quality level. Such a product is an outcome of long years of work and experience of scientists and specialists in engineering and technology.