Carbon is German brand of materials for the car bodywork. Car body repair is the most energy-consuming and labor-consuming kind of repair. For the effective and qualitative performance of bodywork we need only high quality materials that ensure perfect result.

Carbon is the line of German materials that satisfy the needs of even the most selective painters

Carbon range includes:
1. Profi 9000 range - acrylic paints HS, MS, GE.
2. Profi 3000 range - acrylic, epoxy, reactive, 1K primer and primer for plastics.
3. Profi 2000 range - silver enamel and lacquer for discs and caps, matt lacquer, structural paint.
4. Profi 1000 range- acrylic hardeners and solvents, silicone remover.

Carbon represents impeccable German quality, high performance and affordable price.