The South Korean company PARTS-MALL Corporation was founded in 1997 and originally was named Sejin Auto Parts. After moving the office to Ilsan in 2002, the company was renamed PARTS-MALL Corporation.

At the moment, PARTS-MALL Corporation joins together the products of several brands under its brand name. The company is a manufacturer and exporter of high quality parts for conveyors for the whole cars range of Hyundai, Ssang Yong, Kia, GM Daewoo and Samsung Motors.
The assortment of the company for today includes more than 1.5 million names. PARTS-MALL Corporation manufactures products under the brands PARTS-MALL, CAR-DEX, REX, MX, NT, DASHI. In addition to its own production PARTS-MALL Corporation offers products from leading Korean manufacturers: SECO, MANDO, DAEWHA, DYPC, HI-Q, JUNGIL, NBN, SAMYUNG, SHINWHA, YPR, TCIC, etc. At present, the company makes export to 46 countries of the world. The use of PARTS-MALL products is mainly for Korean cars.