TRICO is leading global manufacturer of windscreen wipers in the world. In 1917 experts of the company gave us the first modern wiper system to clean windscreens and sicne that time TRICO has been gaining all market segments in this area.

Company, which has almost 100 years of history is now one of the largest manufacturers of wiper blades in the world. Every day, the company creates thousands of brushes for cars from all around the world. Huge range of Trico wiper blades covers a significant segment of the world market.

Trico manufactures wiper blades for orignal equipment (OE) and produces wiper blades as spare parts for the Aftermarket.

It is very important to note that the products that go to the global market of spare parts have the same high quality as the goods used for equipping cars on the conveyor for vehicle assembly.

As an international company, Tri-Continental Corporation, or TRICO, provides its products for about 400 kinds of car brands such as Ford, Rover, Porshe, Volkswagen and others. Industrial and research facilities are located in the UK, but TRICO exports to all parts of the world. All wiper blades have mandatory certification and go through the necessary testing.

TRICO Company proves its leadership by great quality of the products and stable recognition in the global market.

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