TRW Automotive Aftermarket, a division of TRW Automotive, is a leading manufacturer of automotive components, covering the brake systems, suspension and steering components, suspensions, parts for commercial vehicles, the service tools. TRW's products are used by top 40 automakers of the OE market (Original Equipment, OE) for more than 250 models.

The company has made a very important innovation in terms of braking system’s development. TRW introduced Cotec - innovative coating for brake pads. Independent testing has proven that Cotec gives much shorter braking distance than the brake pads of the major competitors or original equipment manufacturers during the first stops after replacing brake pads. The standard process of bedding involves the period known as the "running-in" which takes place at the beginning of the bedding, when the coefficient of friction is lower than usual. TRW brake pads coated with Cotec eliminate this problem by improving the contact between the brake discs and pads. Independent tests have shown that the brake pads Cotec TRW are much better than main competitors’ and original equipment manufacturers’ pads in the first stops for at least the length of the car.

Friction material is the most important part of the brake pads. TRW pads provide the optimum mix of raw materials - from tar to graphite. These ingredients provide stable coefficient of friction and braking characteristics which insure maximum security at all temperatures at all speeds and in all conditions.

The company annually produces 12000000 TRW brake discs for service stations automakers as well as for the independent aftermarket. This performance allows it to occupy a leading position. TRW company offers a range of 1012 part numbers, covering 98% of the European car park. All parts are made of GG20 or GG15HC when it comes to high-carbon brake disks.

Today the company TRW Automotive began selling more than 350 million supports, making it an unprecedented expert in the aftermarket. The range of wheel cylinders of the company includes more than 650 items, making TRW is a leader in the coverage of the car park. Wheel cylinders equipped with PCRVi meet the highest technical standards, enabling safe lowering of the pressure which increases the rear brakes.