Products of the brand ATE (Germany) are produced by one of the world's largest manufacturers of brake systems - Continental Teves Inc. The company has many years of experience in developing and manufacturing technologies and components for the automotive industry, thanks to which the dynamic forces that have influence on the car performance are managed in a better way.

ATE manufactures the following parts of the brake system:

- brake discs, brake pads and linings;

- components of the hydraulic system (caliper disc brakes, brake boosters and brake cylinders, brake hoses and fluids, clutch system parts, brake force controllers);

- repair kits, service parts and tools.

The criteria for success of the ATE company are the following: technological innovation, a wide range of high-quality products for coverage of all the different car models, and thus providing greater depth and breadth of the assortment, constantly improving service concept, an accurate understanding of customer needs and the needs of the partners – cars producers, auto service shops, auto parts stores and end-users, and also the years of experience.

Quality assurance for ATE is a fundamental principle. Quality defines those demands that Continental Teves sets for production, the interaction of business units and customer relations.