Bosch is one of the world's biggest private industrial corporations, with 283,500 employees and annual sales revenues of over 47,3 billion Euro.

Bosch batteries are perfectly suitable for installation on all types of cars and thanks to innovative technologies applied in production they work 20% longer than other batteries. Premium Bosch batteries are made with using silver alloying for plates which provides the battery with high resistance to corrosion and allows uninterrupted work even in the most unfavorable external temperatures.

With the three Bosch battery lines S3 - S4 - S5, Bosch offers a tailored program for the individual demands of every car.

Bosch S3 batteries are recommended for vehicles with little additional equipment: this battery does not require maintenance, ensures long and reliable energy supply.

Bosch S4 Silver batteries due to their technical parameters, are suitable for compact-class cars as well as for business class cars. In addition, this series include Asian sizes batteries JIS.

Bosch S5 Silver Plus batteries are suitable for next generation of cars, they provide a reliable energy supply to additional safety systems (ESP, ABS, etc.) and comfort functions. Because of the use of "silver technology", Bosch S5 Silver Plus batteries have 30% extended life.