Comline is one of the fastest-growing European brand, created in 1991.  
The main advantages of the brand are: 1) English quality;  2) Good price;  3) Wide range.
Product quality is at the forefront, ensuring stability and reliability.  The brand strives to provide marginal opportunities for its customers, thanks to its cost-effective business model and the expertise of our product and procurement team.  The Comline team is constantly working to expand the range to meet the needs of Aftermarket customers.
The main features of the Comline filters are: - excellent filtration and pollution protection;  - high-quality paper for production;  - highest quality polyurethane and polypropylene;  - tested for the best performance of the engine;  - compliance with OE standards;  - quality bonding of parts;  - phosphate treatment, providing protection against corrosion;  - the presence of an anti-drainage valve;  - comprehensive range of filters etc.
The brake discs are tested both at the factory and in the Comline quality laboratory.  Comline coated discs are tested in harsh environments (240 hours) to ensure the durability of the disc and corrosion resistance.  Each disk is subsequently checked for wear, thickness change and dynamic balance to exacting standards.  This latest check ensures that every Comline brake disc provides easy installation and truly unmatched performance.
In 1997, Comline and Allied Nippon entered into a joint venture agreement.  This agreement made Comline the exclusive European distributor of Allied Nippon brake pads.
Brake pads of Comline have been tested for noise at different pressure rates.  They are characterized by their compactness and braking efficiency at temperatures above 500 ° C.

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