MecaFilter is a French automotive filter manufacturer that is widely known among European automotive manufacturers.
MecaFilter is an advanced technology for the production of a full range of filters:
•    FUEL FILTERS: MecaFilter for internal combustion engines ensure their operational reliability and remove fuel from impurities. Thanks to modern production, MecaFilter is the number one supplier of high quality fuel filters on the pipeline of many car manufacturers.
•    OIL FILTERS: MecaFilter protect the engine from impurities and particulates. MecaFilter meets the latest high-tech requirements for increasing oil change intervals (high performance filters), thanks to innovative materials and advanced manufacturing technologies.
•    CABIN FILTERS: Activated carbon filters (activated carbon elements) also retain gases and odors of the environment, increasing driver and passenger comfort. MecaFilter recommends replacing the cabin filter every 15,000 km or at least once a year.
•    AIR FILTERS: Due to the use of modern and special filter materials, MecaFilter air filters provide a high level of operational reliability throughout the entire maintenance interval.
A variety of MecaFilter filters are manufactured using innovative materials and using such production facilities that ensure 100% quality control.

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