History of MOL began in 1889 with the acquisition of land in Almásfüzitő (Hungary), where later the refinery was built and where nowadays the lubricants factory is situated. Company MOL GROUP owns oil processing factory, which is also located in Komárom, Hungary.
One of the divisions of the company is engaged in oil production in the Balkans and in the Caspian Sea. During its more than 100-year history, MOL managed to gain recognition in Europe, and the brand name has become common to refer to impeccable quality and excellent service.
MOL-LUB factory is one of the largest companies producing lubricants in Europe.
MOL produces high-quality lubricants which fully meet the latest global trends and quality standards of the automotive and industrial equipment.
Great experience in production of lubricants and high professional level of MOL staff ensures that lubricants of the company will provide protection for your equipment and its optimum trouble-free operation in all modes of operation.
MOL accompanies its products with professional service of lubricants and equipment monitoring that enables customers to reduce the cost of maintenance of machinery.