The NOVOL сompany was established in a small, ninety square meter workshop. At the time, a limited assortment of products made with the use of hand tools was enough to satisfy the local market needs.

Currently, after over 30 years of development, the products with the NOVOL logo on them are delivered to customers in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Production plants cover an area of about 7000 m ², and for specific markets trading partners are operating in Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

NOVOL is developing a system of products for the automotive paint and varnish works, which is the solution of problems of a professional painter. NOVOL company offers a wide range of materials for renovation of varnish layers: from universal putties of a wide appliance through of a special purpose putties to varnishes and acrylic grounds, as well as a complete palette of additional materials. All this is made in order to realize the company's goal: the delivery of solutions to increase the efficiency of modern paint and varnish auto-workshop.К.

Quality, which is a top priority in the development of NOVOL products, lead to the implementation of ISO 9001:2008, with the help of which NOVOL can guarantee that the products, which are used in Europe, Asia and Africa, are are carefully controlled at each stage of the production process. Due to the optimization of production processes and recipes, NOVOL is characterized by constant high specifications, and at the same time, competitive prices.