"Auto Standard Ukraine" became an official distributor of batteries for motorcycles, water transport and others.

GS Yuasa is a Japanese company with headquarters in Kyoto. The company was founded in 1917. It has 15 production sites, 65 affiliates in Japan, USA, Italy, Korea, Indonesia, Turkey.

The company GS Yuasa ranks number 3 by size of sales among battery manufacturers in the world and  is the largest manufacturer of batteries for motor vehicles.

It is a supplier of batteries on a conveyors of most manufacturers of cars and motorcycles and all Japanese car and motorcycle manufacturers.

Most batteries are produced in Japan, the US and Europe. Powerful moto batteries are made only in the US and Japan.

The range of products Yuasa battery contains the following:

- dry charged MOTO batteries (electrolyte included)

- MOTO charged battery (the electrolyte is ready for use)

- Gel (AGM) battery MOTO (ready to use)

YUASA - Japanese reliability, durability and extended warranty.

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