New brand TEXTAR


Brake pads are the world of Textar - and have been for more than 100 years. Founded as a trading company in 1913, the TMD Friction Gruppe brand embodies quality, optimum safety and the highest level of brake comfort worldwide.
History shows that Textar brake pads have proven their success not only in traffic but also in racing. In the legendary "silver arrows" of the Mercedes company, they helped the Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio to win in the 50s, in particular during the Grand Prix races on the Nurburgring, in Italy and in Buenos Aires. A letter of thanks from Mercedes testifies to the successful cooperation.
In the area of excellence, TMD Friction, the manufacturer of Textar brake linings, is considered 1st grade for vehicles equipped with carbon ceramic brake discs. And it is no coincidence that, together with the brake disc manufacturer, brake linings have been developed that are optimally suited to this friction element.
Today Textar offers a wide range of products for the passenger car market today. Also in the commercial vehicle industry, 70% of all vehicles with drum brakes and 50% of vehicles with disc brakes come off the line with Textar brake linings.